About Us


Knyazyan & Partners is an IP law firm focusing on the practice of intellectual property law in Armenia.  In particular, Knyazyan & Partners:

  • assists in establishing IP rights through state registration;
  • advises on effective and strategic use and control over IP rights; and
  • protects the IP rights of local and foreign authors and right holders in Armenia.


We are proud of our passionate team of multilingual IP attorneys, with U.S. and European Master level education and experience in Intellectual Property law, which makes us different from any other IP law firm in Armenia and allows us to provide internationally competitive and high quality legal services.

Another distinctive characteristic of Knyazyan & Partners is its wide international network of IP attorneys from Japan, China, India, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, United States, Latin America and other countries.  To fully meet our clients’ needs, we call on our colleagues’ expertise from abroad for matters outside of Armenia.